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Sheeny Seattle

It’s not just any big city in the Pacific Coast. Seattle has a charm like no other city, where, despite the cloudy skies, its streets are vibrant with the colors of it’s original musics, fresh food, water from the ocean, and green alpine trees. Boredom is not an option in Seattle, especially on a nice July weekend, when even the sun makes rare appearances here and there. From the original Starbucks to the buzzy Public Market Center, there won’t be a lack of option to explore in Downtown Seattle and become one of “them”.

While at the Public Market Center, one should try to spend at least a couple of minutes outside the fish market and catch a glimpse of the Pacific-fish-aficionados tossing the fish across the isles and creating an acrobatic-fish show as they sell their fresh supply, not just to the local customers, but those around the U.S. (they “ship fish anywhere in the U.S.A. via UPS overnight”!!!)

Being mindful of the busy streets & overly packed, expensive public parking lot, planning the trip a little in advance will help if driving there though. Otherwise, the Link Light Rail is very helpful in traveling in and out of the metropolitan area. In either case, it’s a city worth exploring.

(Click on the pictures if interested in lite captions 🙂


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