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Mission Vortex – Arizona, Part 2

I had failed to find the energy vortex in Sedona two years ago. So for self-justification, the first thing I did this year in Arizona, was to set off to Bell Rock. I craved that energy from the center of the earth oozing through this little outlet in Sedona that would enlighten my spiritual being! Or so I had imagined.

A two-hour drive up the I-17N from Phoenix lands you in Sedona, a quaint little town famous for enclaving the red sandstone monuments. Some also claim that among the many mystical energy vortices vortexes scattered throughout the U.S., a few of them lie in Sedona. It is a pretty drive along the highway and a smooth transition from Phoenix’s torrid heat. The “holiday corridor” on busy weekends, however, may make the long and windy drive through the Verde Valley a little more treacherous with slow downs on several curvy bends. You can either whine about it, or thank the slow downs to enjoy the vista surrounding the great green valley and arrive in Sedona ready to hike up the Bell Rock. To me, my Sedona visits are always incomplete without catching a breath at the mystical Chapel of the Holy Cross nestled on the red rocks about 5 minutes from Bell Rock. As soothing it is to view the chapel from distance, it is equally romantic to head up to the Roman Catholic chapel and revel in the silence of the surrounding.

After all the hike and adventure, when hunger strikes, the dozens of restaurants in the city serving good Mexican or American or Italian or Indian cuisine are always great consolation for rejuvenation. And while you’re at it, don’t forgo on exploring this town that pays homage to the ancient Navajo culture, as well as takes pride in carrying the Hollywood legacy – Sedona has provided outdoor shooting locations for more than 60 films so far.

If I were to do the Arizona road trip all over again, I would make Sedona my base to travel in all directions, from Grand Canyon to Marblemount, to the Petrified Forest and even Phoenix. This town lies centrally in AZ and provides that vacation feel and easy access to major attractions all across the state. With the native history so rich, the climate mostly pleasant, the views magnificent, and a ton of outdoors activities to engage in, this city should easily get a 5 star holiday location rating. Some residents even boast about Sedona being one of the most spiritual cities in the U.S.

But did I find the vortex this time around? Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. But spotting the twisted juniper trees all along the Bell Rock trail, which is supposed to be vortex markers, was enough consolation that I must have soaked up some good energy enough to last a lifetime.

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Access to Sedona, AZ:

  • 1 hr from Flagstaff, AZ
  • 2 hrs from Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Nearby Attractions:

Closest Towns:

  • Flagstaff, AZ: 50 minutes
  • Arcosanti, AZ: 1 hr
  • Phoenix, AZ: 2 hrs

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