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All for the Antelopes and Horses – Arizona, Part 4

With all the excitement surmounting, departing Flagstaff at 8:30 in the morning was supposed to get us to the Antelope Point Marina in Page, AZ half an hour early than our 11 am check-in time for the Antelope Point Boat Tour. While everything was going according to the plan and no delays, about half an hour prior to our arrival, the clock in the car struck 11. The GPS said we would arrive at our destination in the Navajo reservation, as opposed to Page, at 11:43 am. Earlier, upon its direction, we had taken a right turn at a gas station and continued on an inner country road, which did not seem right to me at all. So in order to not miss the boat tour, which was set to begin rather soon, I made an ungracefully hasty U-turn in the middle of the quiet single-lane road and headed back towards the gas station. This time I continued straight ahead where the road sign pointed towards Page, all against the will of the GPS and my brother. That did not correct the ETA on the GPS. With a patchy cell phone coverage on the remote stretch of road, I could not tell if anybody had answered my call on the other side at the boat tours office. I just wanted to make sure that even if we missed the 11 o’clock tour, we secured a spot for the tour later in the day. With muddled head, when we arrived at the marina, we found out that we were still 10 minutes early to check in before it was 11. We were all set and ready for the boat tour. Lesson to learn: most of Arizona does not observe the daylight saving time, you know it; the Navajo Nation, however, does. Thus creating a huge deal of confusion to those traveling mindlessly in this state that apparently flip flops between MST and DST during the daylight saving months.

The rest in Page, including the boat tour and the Antelope Canyon tours, is all up for experience and admiration. There is no one I know who thinks that the Antelope Canyons are overrated.

It is worth noting that Antelope Canyons can only be visited through guided tours. Especially if you’re visiting on holiday weekends, you will thank yourself for booking the tours well in advance – and by that I mean weeks in advance, since they sell out pretty fast. Photography tours, for those who enjoy taking artistic photos (with tripod), are mostly cancelled on busy weekends. There may be long lines at the tour offices of people waiting their turns for hours past their check-in times. There were many who asked for refund that weekend. For me personally though, the hour long line and the torrid desert heat were totally worth the wait. It’s just a different world you get to experience inside those caverns.

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Access to Antelope Canyons:

  • 15 minutes from Page, AZ
  • 2.25 hrs from Flagstaff, AZ

Closest Lodging:

  • Page, AZ
  • Flagstaff, AZ

Nearby Attractions:

  • Upper Antelope Canyon Tour
  • Lake Powell Boat Tour
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Marble Canyon

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