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Near the Himalayas, in Gorkha Gaun – a sneak peek

It’s a different world near the Himalayas. Mt. Manaslu works it charm as Gorkha Durbar rests atop a hill on the right. Images captured from Gorkha Gaun Resort, Gorkha:


Our journey to Gorkha began at 6 a.m. from Kathmandu on a freezing January morning. Along the dusty Ring Road, through Kalanki’s ever extending traffic jam, the Prithvi Highway wound through the hills of Dhading. A massive slow down, 110 km and 4.5 hours later, we arrived in Abukhaireni, a bustling Gorkha township. A swift right in Abukhaireni landed us in Laxmi Bazaar after a 20 km drive on a super narrow Abukhaireni-Gorkha highway. Laxmi Bazaar, where a number of “Delux” buses stopped and went, felt like a newly born town out of the rummage of an old village that was struggling too hard to modernize. A right on the dirt road and approximately a half km walk in, we arrived at the Gorkha Gaun Resort, an unruffled “village” that awaited our arrival. The scene there just drew us to relax at the patio and enjoy the view under mild winter sun. A couple of Gorkha beers (in Gorkha) helped set a cliched vacation mood to lazy around and meld with the minimalistic life and Gorkha Bazaar in front of us, with the picture perfect Himalayan backdrop extending a beautiful welcome.

Access to Gorkha Gaun Resort from Kathmandu:

  • Pick from several vehicle options –
    • Delux buses that leave early from Kathmandu
    • Hire a cab driver (pre-negotiations highly recommended)
    • Get on your own vehicle
    • Motorcycle
    • Hitchhike (not recommended)
  • Appx 4 hours/139 km total from Thamel, Kathmandu
  • Get on Ringroad towards Prithvi Hwy
  • Follow the hwy along Kalanki, Balambu and Thankot towards Dhading
  • Stay on the hwy for about 12 km up until Naubise, then follow the Prithvi hwy on the right
  • Stay on Prithvi hwy for another 88 km, passing Thakre, Mankhutar, Baireni, Kyorenitar, Adamtar, Gajuri, Malekhu, Charaundi and Kurintar
  • A little past the Marsyandi Hydropower Station, at the crossroads, take a right on Abukhaireni-Gorkha Hwy
  • Follow the hwy for about 20 km to Laxmi Bazaar
  • At the main Laxmi Bazaar junction, take a right on the dirt road for about 0.5 km and stay right to follow signs to Gorkha Gaun

Nearby Attractions:

  • Historic Gorkha Palace
  • Gorkha Museum
  • Gorkha Bazaar
  • Manakamana


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